New bike and trainer

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last month I picked up a caad10 with dura ace and a kurt kinetic road machine trainer. Im getting ready for my first race which is feb. 16th down at the university of texas.  Lots of upgrades coming very soon on the caad10.




Summer “break”

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Its hard to find time to ride when working 12 plus hours a day in the middle of nowhere.  Right now im on stage 3 of a 12 stage frac job. Its 3:30 am and I would really prefer to be in bed right now.

Here is a pic from last week.  I was in perryton texas for 12 days working with the directional driller.



I just rode 43.8 miles!

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I just rode 43.8 miles! My first tine riding over 40 miles Check it out on Strava:


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My girlfriend made  mien ga for dinner.  Im about to eat and watch red tails.  Yummy!

Yesterday’s ride

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I rode 3 laps solo around lake hefner yesterday.  It was my fastest solo day on my bike by far. 18.5 mph over 29.2 miles. Eventually I would like to average 20mph.

It’s amazing how much crap you can stuff in a Fit.

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Been busy not doing car stuff

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