New bike and trainer


last month I picked up a caad10 with dura ace and a kurt kinetic road machine trainer. Im getting ready for my first race which is feb. 16th down at the university of texas.  Lots of upgrades coming very soon on the caad10.




3 Responses to “New bike and trainer”

  1. hey man i have been reading over your blog and i am wondering how u got your car to sit so low i have a 240 coupe with 19 wheels and tien suspension and i cant get them to tuck like yours does…. please get back to me and let me know thanks
    and best wishes on your biuld i am still working on mine

    • Are you running coilovers? If you have them set all the way low and you still want to go lower then you can droop the springs in the rear. I have kts coilovers and I can go a few inches lower if I wanted to.

  2. Champion bike!!! I got this bike and trainer too. 😉

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